Author: Shannon Chrismon

Vampirella The Red Room #3

In Vampirella: The Red Room #3, Vampirella seems to have jumped from the frying pan directly into the fire – fires of hell that is. In the beginning of this issue we find our favorite bad girl trying to be good and her pal Shooter being attacked by blood drained vampires. Before they even have time to catch […]

Red Sonja: Atlantis Rises #2

    Dynamite Entertainmant’s mini-series Red Sonja: Atlantis Rises is off to a strong start. In the series Red Sonja and Thulsa Doom face off while the fate of Atlantis and Hyborea hangs in the balance. Thulsa is after ancient power and our She-Devil with a Sword is doing her best to stop him. The […]

Geoff Johns to Write Episode of CW’s Arrow

  The new CW show  Arrow  has been building excitement since it was announced. Now they have yet another feather in their cap. It has been announced that episode 107 of the series will be written by a team of writers including superstar of the comic world Geoff Johns. Johns is DC Entertainment’s Chief Creative […]

New Videos and Images From Green Lantern The Animated Series Season 1 Part 2

  Green Lantern The Animated Series will be starting back up with new episodes in a couple of weeks. In the first part of season one we have already seen Hal Jordan go from being a test pilot to being the guardian of Sector 2814, fight alongside a grumpy Red Lantern named Razor and bond with Aya, the […]

Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros to Release Godzilla in 2014

Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures are looking to bring everyone’s favorite radioactive monster, Godzilla, back to the big screen. The movie is planned for a May 16th, 2014 release. This new incarnation is said to go back to the grittier, darker roots that fans have wanted to see. This will be nothing like the […]

Dark Horse to Publish The Art of Bioshock Infinite

In February we will be treated to a book that no fan of the Bioshock franchise should miss. Published by Dark Horse, The Art of Bioshock Infinite will feature a hardcover and beautiful prints from the game. The game has already won awards and will also be available in February. The game and book would […]

Independence Day Sequels and 3D Release

Even though it has been 16 years since its original release, Independence Day is still listed among many sci-fi fans favorite movies. Has it been too long for a sequel to succeed? We may find out in the near future. Dean Devlin, co-writer of Independence Day, had written a script for a sequel shortly after the […]

Star Trek Into Darkness to be Bigger and Bolder than the First

With a tentative May release we still have a while to wait until the Star Trek sequel hits the theaters. Although that’s a good eight months away, news and rumors related to the movie are starting to come to light. Multiple sources have reported the title as being Star Trek Into Darkness although Paramount has not yet […]

Jennifer Blood Preview

  In Jennifer Blood First Blood #1 we are given the origin story of Garth Ennis‘ character Jessica Blute. For those not familiar with the series, Jessica Blute is homemaker by day and ruthless vigilante by night. In this issue we find out more about what brought her to this situation. The narrative is given […]

Dark Horse Comics’ Ghost #0 Preview

   Dark Horse Comics‘ will be releasing issue #0 of Ghost on September 19th. The comic is written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, known for her work on comics such as Osborn: Evil Incarcerated and Captain Marvel. The art is by Phil Noto, who has worked on titles such as X-23, Angel & Faith, and Uncanny X-Men.  Ghost #0 will have us following a paranormal […]

Robin Williams Coming Back to TV?

      After 30 year of entertaining us in movies, Robin Williams may be returning to the small screen in a new sitcom. Williams is in talks with Emmy award-winning writer and producer David E. Kelley. Williams is an award-winning actor, having been nominated for over a hundred awards and winning more than half. […]

Free Copy of Walking Dead Vol. 1 at ComiXology Booth at Baltimore Comic-Con

Attending this weekend’s Comic-Con in Baltimore? Want a free digital copy of Walking Dead Volume 1? Yes? Then make sure you head straight for the ComiXology booth as the first 500 visitors that come by will receive a limited edition postcard with a  unique download code good for The Walking Dead Vol. 1 from ComiXology […]

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to Produce Reality Series

  Television network TNT’s first shot at reality TV, The Great Escape, was met with a fairly lackluster reception. They are hoping to still get a slice of the reality pie before the fad has run its course with a show tentatively titled “The Hero“. The show is set to premier in 2013 starring Dwayne […]

Dark Horse News for September 2012

This month Dark Horse Comics will be offering us a number of items well worth checking out. We have Ghost #0, Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Promise Part 3, and Oreimo Volume 1 TPB.   In Ghost #0 we follow, Vaughn Barnes, a former journalist who joins the world of reality TV by working […]

Boom Comics Garfield #5 Review

While you may not be blown away by page turning action or drawn helplessly into a twisting plot, the upcoming issue of Boom Comics‘ Garfield will give you what you most likely expect: a nice visit with our favorite fat cat as he has another adventure. In this issue we are treated to two stories, […]

Fathom – Volume #4 Issue #7 Review

        In issue #7 of Michael Turner’s Fathom we are treated to an undersea (and under-desert as it turns out) struggle. In issue #6 our heroine, Aspen Matthews, was caught by the Father of the Church while fighting through the Church of the Eternal Depths. Nakamura has waited for quite some time […]

Jonathan Frakes to Direct Sci-Fi Inspired Episode of Castle

  An upcoming episode of the crime comedy-drama Castle will be offered with a generous serving of nerd manna. Not only will the episode center around a murder at a Comic-Con inspired setting but it was also be directed by Star Trek the Next Generation’s Jonathan Frakes. As everyone knows Frakes was second in command on […]

Top Cow Releases Digital Novel – Manifestations

  Raffaele Ienco‘s new graphic novel, Manifestations, will soon be released. Don’t rush out to the comic shop for this one as it will be offered exclusively in digital form on comic book website comiXology. Top Cow  Productions has teamed with comiXology to offer the graphic novel through the site and related apps on phones and tablets. […]

Press Release – Great Pacific from Image Comics

      Regardless of where you live, chances are you see pollution and garbage at least a few times a day. In the new offering from Image Comics it turns out the middle of the Pacific Ocean is not an exception. In Joe Harris’ and Martin Morazzo‘s Great Pacific Garbage Patch we find out […]

Global James Bond Day – October 5th

    Everyone may have a different opinion on who was the best James Bond but one thing we can all agree on is the character himself is worth a celebration. Not only are we getting a new chapter for the Bond franchise in November when Skyfall starring Daniel Craig but we will also be […]

New Poster for Upcoming Film, Life of Pi

We all have one of those friends who always have to one-up you anytime you have story to tell. So imagine this conversation with the hero of the Yann Martel‘s novel and upcoming film directed by Ang Lee,  Life of Pi,  Piscine “Pi” Patel. It might go something like this: You – “I was on a […]

Jim Lee and Scott Snyder Rumored to Launch Man of Steel?

Rumors out of Toronto this week are that comic artist Jim Lee and writer  Scott Snyder will launch a new Superman comic titled Man of Steel. O Canada, please don’t be a tease! Scott Snyder is currently working on Batman and Swamp Thing. He has said before that he would like to work on a Superman title […]