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Manhattan Projects #1 Gets 2nd Printing Before It Hits Shelves

The Manhattan Projects Jonathan Hickman’s latest release, The Manhattan Projects #1, will be on comic shop shelves on March 7th, but the issue has sold out at the distributor level before that date had even arrived. So, before the book even makes it into any reader’s hands it has already gotten the green light to go back to the presses for a second printing. In case you do not get your hands on The Manhattan Projects #1 First edition on Wednesday, then you’ll just have to make sure you get the second printing scheduled for April 4, 2012, the same date the second issue will be released.

If this is the first you are hearing of this book, you may be wondering what this book is all about that has garnered so much attention. In fact, even if you saw Bleeding Cool’s “Not-Quite-A-Preview preview” of the issue in February, you still may be wondering what this book is about. In an interview with iFanboy, Jonathan Hickman laughed while reflecting on The Manhattan Projects, “Jonathan destroys the reputation of real people is what it is.” But when Nick Pitarra, the artist on the project who also worked with Hickman on The Red Wing was asked by Multiversity Comics to reveal how he would describe the book, he gave a bit more:

Really, it’s kind of an over-the-top semi-absurd take on the Manhattan Project. For people that don’t know, the Manhattan Project was basically the government creating a program to build the atomic bomb, so it was a project paperclip where the government was after all these brilliant minds: Feynman, Einsten, Wernher von Braun, who is a rocket scientist and a Nazi actually. They got all these guys together, and Oppenheimer, to build the atomic bomb, so our Manhattan Projects is all these characters and all these personalities — we’re taking tidbits from history and mixing and playing with it and having a good time with the characters.

Finally, if you are looking for the most official write-up out there, here’s the blurb being passed around by the good people at Image Comics, the publishers of the book:

In THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS, he [Hickman] creates an alternate history in which the the U.S. government’s development of an atomic bomb is a front for bringing together the world’s brightest minds for something even more dangerous. The Second World War rages underground in ways the public can never imagine, and the men of The Manhattan Projects are the United States’ last and best defense against the supernatural forces of the Axis powers.

THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS is a monthly, full-color comic book, available in comic book stores and multiple digital platforms.

Put that all together and it is easy to understand how this ongoing series has gained this level of hype.

So don’t be the one to miss it! Whether it is March 7th, April 4th, or you download a digital version of the book, the only way you can be a part of the conversation about it is to read it!