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Nerd Bytes 50 – Archie Dies, Earth 2 Weekly & More


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COMIC CON BYTE: As if comics and comic related characters weren’t getting mainstream enough, there’s more big news from the industry for this summer. Conan O’Brien, the TBS late night host, plans to broadcast his show from July 8 – 12, 2015 from Comic-Con International in San Diego. This is the first time any late night show has broadcast from Comic-Con. It does make sense that it would be the over-the-top Conan that would make the leap. This isn’t O’Brien’s first trip to the grand-daddy of all Comic-Cons. He attended in 2011 to promote his animated alter ego the “Flaming C “during a panel for the Green Lantern Animated series. In case you don’t remember The Flaming C, here’s a little video reminder for you. Enjoy and stay tuned to Nerd Bytes for more Comic-Con information as it becomes available.



Nerd BytesARCHIE BYTE: The news is out. On July 16, 2014, in Life With Archie #36 title character Archie Andrews will die. , sacrificing himself to save a friend in the pages of Life With Archie #36. The long-time character was created by Bob Montana in the 1930s and was patterned after people and places of his childhood in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Archie first appeared in Pep Comics #22 in December 1941. Word is that Archie will die a heroic death, saving a friend. The Life With Archie series will continue with #37 examining the impact of Archie’s death and life on the people who loved him, and how heroic a death an otherwise normal man can have. This is not the first ‘risky’ story attempted in Archie Comics. In past years they hae introduced a gay character to Riverdale and married him off. They have also dabbled in parallel time-lines as they wrote stories with Archie marrying each of his love interests Betty and Veronica. I think it’s clear that Archie’s death will not be permanent. I just don’t see it long-term. Either way I think the story will be a good read.


EARTH 2 BYTE: Fans of one of the best DC Comics series in years should rejoice. The characters you have grown to know and love in Earth 2 will be going weekly in October. Earth 2: World’s End will be the third DC Comics weekly title, and it will launch immediately after every title in the New 52 fast-forwards for a Futures End tie-in in September. The announcement made by DC Comics through Nerdist.com on Thursday morning include the names of the creative team for the series. Daniel H. Wilson will lead a team that includes Marguerite Bennet, and Mike Johnson on the writing duties, while Eddy Barrows, Jorge Jimenez, Stephen Segovia, Paulo Siqueira, and Tyler Kirkham will rotate on the art for the weekly series. As you can see from Ben Oliver’s rather spectacular teaser image some of the cast and story lines from Earth 2 carry into this series. The New Batman (Thomas Wayne) and the New Superman (Val-Zod) will be joined by Wayne’s grand-daughter Huntress and Power Girl who have returned from the DC Main universe. From the look of it they will have their hands full as Earth seems to be under siege by Apokolips…again.


X-Men: Days of Future Past BYTE: Here is the final video release for the upcoming 20th Century Fox blockbuster X-Men: Days of Future Past. The film will hit theaters on May 23rd and will likely shock the uninitiated. The fans of the movies will likely see a divergence from the norm of X-Movies. Especially from the lackluster effort given from X-Men: Last Stand. Poor understanding of the source material, coupled with ego driven changes turned one of the integral story lines to the X-Men myth into a sad joke that drove more fans away from the franchise. Writer Simon Kinberg said at Anaheim’s WonderCon, “It’s our attempt to right the wrongs of the past. We probably should have done better with Dark Phoenix, so this is our attempt to do better with ‘Days of Future Past’.” The recent release of The Wolverine served to offset some of that reputation and the hype surrounding Days of Future Past has served to get people’s attention. This movie will quite possibly make or break the future of the X-Men on film. As much as I’d love to see our merry mutants back under the Marvel Studios banner, I still want this movie to be epic. This was one of the story lines that made the X-Men the flagship characters that carried Marvel Comics through good times and bad. They deserve to be represented correctly on film and non-comic fans deserve to see the stories as they were meant to be told and not changed by Hollywood egos to large to allow that someone else may have had the right idea. We’ll know in just a few weeks. For now, enjoy this final trailer!




Nerd Bytes

JUSTICE BYTE: Comic conventions are always good for some interesting announcements. WonderCon in Anaheim has been no different. Dynamite Entertainment came packing news equal to their name with word that a new title, Justice Inc., will be releasing in AugustThe title comes from the crime-fighting organization of one of the team’s members, The Avenger.  When adding pulp comic greats like the Shadow and Doc Savage to the mix takes the term ‘superteam’ to all new proportions. Writer Michael Uslan and artist Giovanni Timpano have been tapped for this history making series. The new series will boast covers by Alex Ross, Francesco Francavilla, Stephen Segovia, Ardian Syaf and Gabriel Hardman. Uslan, best known as a producer on all of the Batman movies, spoke in a recent interview with CBR, about his writing process stating, “When I do these stories, I spend months before I even pick up a pen doing historical research. It’s like I’m back in college, and it’s a passion and a love. I don’t just sit down to write, but sometimes when I do write, truth ends up becoming stranger than the fiction. When I was looking for a new take on how Richard Henry Benson became the Avenger many months ago, I had the story beginning with an aircraft that almost mystically disappeared out of the sky. So you can imagine my shock five weeks ago when I started hearing about the Malaysian airliner. So sometimes you write this stuff, and the real world catches up to you.”


Nerd BytesFARSCAPE BYTE: More great and interesting news from WonderCon in Anaheim. The long rumored Farscape movie looks to be a sure thing now. The quirky show was created by Rockne O’Bannon, and produced by Jim Henson Productions and Hallmark Entertainment ran on the Syfy Channel (then still called SciFi) from 1999 to 2003. The series’ cancellation was announced prior to the start of season four. Syfy claimed that season three’s ratings had dropped making the shows’ production cost too much to continue. While a grass-roots campaign to save the show failed, it did serve to entice financial backers in Europe to offer support to Brian Henson, resulting in the 2004, The Jim Henson Company produced, three-hour mini-seriesFarscape: The Peacekeeper Wars. TV.com broke the news, reporting;

“Just a little bit of, maybe interesting, information to report. ;-p Texting me from WonderCon, a very good friend of mine (@PaulBurrows) just left the Showrunners Panel at [WonderCon]. A panel member, non other than Rockne O’Bannon, the co-creator of Warehouse 13, Defiance, and Revolution… who was also Farscape’s creator and showrunner – has indeed CONFIRMED a Farscape movie is happening.”

SpoilerTV followed up with a quote from O’Bannon himself, conforming the news;

“Yeah, yeah it’s the worst kept secret…We’re far from production, but yeah, the first step is Justin [Monjo] working on a script for us. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.”

Lastly we have the plot synopsis that was previously reported by Tor.com;

“Set to follow the awesome comics written by our favorite Keith R.A. DeCandido, the film would follow John and Aeryn’s son, D’Argo (or Little D, as we will always refer to him). Because their baby was exhibiting a set of interesting powers that made him a magnet for galactic villains, we find that John and Aeryn hide their son on Earth to grow up. Now the kid is 19 and ready to go into space with his parents.”

As it is obvious that Monjo hasn’t even started writing the script you can take this synopsis with a huge grain of salt. Things change quickly as a story is being developed in the writer’s mind and even moreo as it is translated to paper and then to screen. The basics premise may be solid, but greatness is in the details. Nerd Bytes will be there to gather up more news and bring it to you as it happen!


NERDITORIAL: Once again comic book fans have managed to make me wish I wasn’t one of them. In yet another show of stupidity of a like that I have rarely seen from any other fan base, fans of the Teen Titans or artist Kenneth Rocafort attacked the writer of a piece criticizing the proposed cover of the relaunched series. Janelle Asselin wrote Anatomy of a Bad Cover which was critical of the artists’ work and justifiably so. I don’t know much about Rocafort but this is not a good cover for all the reasons Asselin mentioned. This didn’t stop fans from attacking her in ways that make me want to step up in her defense.  I’m sure Asselin is more than capable of defending herself but it was reassuring to see that Teen Titans writer Will Pfeifer stepped up to say something on her behalf. CBR (Comic Book Resources), who also published Asselin’s original article, spoke to Pfeifer about the controversy. He responded;

“First of all, I like the cover; I’m excited to be working with Kenneth on this and I like what he did on the cover. I think it shows the characters and tells you who is going to be in it, and I’ve written the issue so I know on the cover there’s also some clues about specific stuff in that issue. But that being said, people write about comics all the time. I wrote “Amazons Attack!” which, I don’t know if you remember, got a really critical response! [Laughs] But you know, you do your work, you put it out there, people respond to it and write a critique, and whether you agree or disagree about it, it’s fine. What has happened to her, as far as the response of people criticizing her, is beyond appalling! I’ve read columns from Heidi MacDonald that say this is what happens to women in comics when they criticize something, and as a husband and the father of an eight year old daughter obviously there is no way you should threaten anyone with anything, much less rape, about somebody writing a criticism of a comic book of any kind! It’s insane! I know guys were saying that they were shocked this goes on, and a lot of women were saying this goes on all the time; a lot of my friends are married and have kids, we work in this professional businesses and this behavior is just crazy. I think a lot of it is a combination of, first of all, a lot of guys are crazy jerks and the Internet empowers people to do stuff that they would never have the balls to do in person. I’m sure they wouldn’t walk up in person and say that stuff to her; they wouldn’t have the guts. But everyone’s anonymous on the Internet — freedom of speech can be a double edge sword sometimes. I don’t agree with her opinion of the cover, but it’s appalling the reaction to her. As a writer, and I’m sure for Kenneth as an artist, we want people to respond to our work, even if we don’t agree with it. We want to put our work out there and have people react. But this kind of thing is insane! If you disagree with her, that’s fine. If you agree with her that’s fine too. But if you’re threatening her or just doing some crazy mean attack, grow up! That’s all I would say, grow up. Have a conversation, don’t threaten. It’s so out of my wheelhouse; I know it goes on, but I can barely believe this goes on!”

I’m with you Mr. Pfeifer and I’m reassured that you took the time to say it. The people who made these threats against a writer for stating her opinion, are simply ignorant and are abusing the freedom of speech that our constitution allows them. Do they have the right to say anything they want? Yes. Should they be intelligent enough to have a discussion without threats of physical violence? YES! If you have nothing more intelligent to offer than an idle threat just keep your mouth shut. Nobody cares what you have to say anyway.

Finally for fans of the greatest HERO the world has ever known, Happy Easter! (No I am not referring to a bunny)




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Industry Artist Interview: Erick Adrian Marquez (2 of 2)

Artist Erick Adrian Marquez.Erick Adrian Marquez is a growing name in the comics industry.  His most well-known titles to date have been Bluewater’s Taylor Swift and Conan O’Brian bio-comics.  The comics were very well received, and show off Erick’s distinct coloring and inking style.  You can read part 1 of this interview here: http://www.wordofthenerdonline.com/industry-artist-interview-erick-adrian-marquez-1-of-2/
You interned at DC comics in the summer of ’01.  
Yeah.  Like, just before Sept. 11 happened.
Oh, wow.  Were you still in New York when it happened?
No, no.  I flew out just a week before.
What was it like?
It was intense. Non-stop intense, man.  I always made sure I was the first one there, the last one to leave, and was always working my hardest.  Not just being there, but working, you know? I mean, it was DC’s home office, man. The most menial things, just getting coffee or whatever, but pretty quickly I was doing some colors for Super Boy and some penciling touch-ups for Batman.
And then one day my editor told me, “Hey, go tell Frank to come into the office.” So, okay, I went out into the hallway… It was Frank Millar.  So I said “Hey, Frank – holy s**t!” And I had to walk out.  I came back in and the DC people were laughing at me.  My editor said “Hey, you know what Frank really likes is when you ask for his autograph.”  Yeah.  I didn’t do that.
I would take home just stacks of comics every night.  I got the complete series of Preacher in single issues.  I took home a lot of Swamp Thing.  I took home just even stuff I didn’t care to read.  Just anything.  People come to me and say, “Hey, you can take this, take that.” By the time I left I had four huge moving boxes full of comics.  I had to leave two of them behind, so I gave them away to a church group just before I left.
Above the DC offices were the MAD Magazine offices, and above that was Access Hollywood or some other celebrity reporting show, so you would just pass people all the time in the elevator.  Just all sorts of celebrities.  You know how it is on 30 Rock? It was actually like that. But I always stayed professional.  I never got anything signed, I never got anybody’s autograph.  I was there to work.
You can contact Erick Marquez or see his work at http://www.ixtstudio.com/.

Prairie City Response Cover

Cover for Prairie City Response comic written by Marshall Edwards.


Industry Artist Interview: Erick Adrian Marquez (1 of 2)

Erick Adrian MConan O'Brien bio-comic cover artarquez is a growing name in the comics industry.  His most well-known titles to date have been Bluewater’s Taylor Swift and Conan O’Brian bio-comics.  The comics were very well received, and show off Erick’s distinct coloring and inking style.  He is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute and now lives in Florida.  You can find his work here: http://www.ixtstudio.com/
When did you first get interested in comics?
You know, I had a typical beginning. I saw issues of Spider-Man at the grocery store when I was little and just immediately went for that.  The Boomerang, the Beetle, other cheesy ’80s villains.  From then on it was full-on addiction, anything I could get my hands on.  I was there when the Carnage stuff started up with Spider-Man.  I remember I had a holo-foil of Robin when he had his own comic.
Who are some of your favorite artists?
My favorite artists have always been outside of comic books.  I’ve always thought that, whatever field you’re in, you have to bring stuff from outside of it.  One of my favorites has always been John Singer Sargent: he did the most amazing portraiture.  Another is photographer Diane Arbus, who did a lot of portraits of people with physical deformities.  She almost reminds me of the Cohen brothers in how they put in interesting, different people and characters into her work.  You can tell her subject matter really effected her personally.  A lot of music has influenced me too.  You bring all sorts of things from different mediums into what you do.
Do you have a favorite comic book or genre?
I think lately, as I’m getting older, I’m accepting TV and movies as comic books.  A lot of writers – Joss Whedon, Matt Fraction, Robert Kirkman – are bridging that gap.  There’s a definite movement there.  And I really am behind that.  I think some people get down on you by saying “oh, you’re just in comics because you want them to become movies and make money.” Well, no.  It’s all about reaching people.  You want to get your story out there.  So there’s not a big difference between comic books and movies and TV for me anymore.  I’ve also been too busy for comics lately, it’s easier for me to take in a TV show these days.
Left: Marquez’s cover for Harvest Island, an comics project for which he’s also done concept art.  Right: Character design for Arcana’s upcoming Sabbath title.
Prairie City Response concept art

Concept art for Prairie City Response.

What has been your favorite project so far?

…I dunno.  I always feel like the project I’m waiting to do is my favorite.  Sabbath, a title I’m working on for Arcana, is all about mummies, werewolves, Frankenstein’s monster – basically I get to just go nuts. There’s also Prairie City Response, a superhero title I’m creating for.  It has a city within a city thing going on that I really like.  So yeah – it’s always the next one that I”m the most excited about.

What are you working on now?
DC sample pages. I do have a few contacts at DC so I’d like to use them.  I love the energy and ideals behind independent stuff, but you know.  No reason to limit my self.
What’s your dream project? Where do you hope to be in ten years?Erick Marquez plus hat

What’s my dream project is to see – like I said, I love independent work – my dream project is to work on the animation projects in my head.  And in ten years I want to be well established in animation, children’s books, and comic books.

Stay tuned for Part Two, when Erick Marquez tells us about his internship at DC’s home office (including a humorous encounter with Frank Miller)!