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Boom Comics Garfield #5 Review

While you may not be blown away by page turning action or drawn helplessly into a twisting plot, the upcoming issue of Boom ComicsGarfield will give you what you most likely expect: a nice visit with our favorite fat cat as he has another adventure.

In this issue we are treated to two stories, The Mouse Who Wanted to be a Cat and The Mouse Who Wanted to be a Dog. Also in this issue we are treated to a Garfield’s Pet Force tale. The two main stories obviously tie in together as we follow a little house mouse with identity issues. Luckily the house he happens to be in while having this dilemma is Garfield’s, so in no time our resident lazy cat is offering his special kind of

help. The Pet Force tale gives us an wonderfully exaggerated superhero story about a little old lady turning into a Hulk-like alien bent on world domination. With a cast of characters who have names like Garzooka, Odious and Abnermal (superhero bodies with the heads of Garfield, Odie and Nermal) you just have to enjoy superhero parody.

The Garfield comic is of course designed to be simple enough for a child to enjoy. However, at the same time it has enough of the classic Garfield attitude and innocent humor that we adults enjoyed way back when and still enjoy today. Writer Mark Evanier is able to find that middle ground between kids and kids-at-heart and makes it easy for all enjoy. The art of Mike DeCarlo, Gary Barker and Dan Davis help to bring the story together. The art is reminiscent of the late 80′s to early 90′s cartoon series Garfield and Friends.

Jim Davis’ legacy seems to be in good hands as we are treated to new tales from our favorite feline. Make sure to pick up Garfield issue #5 this Wednesday September 5th.