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Boom Comics Garfield #5 Review

While you may not be blown away by page turning action or drawn helplessly into a twisting plot, the upcoming issue of Boom ComicsGarfield will give you what you most likely expect: a nice visit with our favorite fat cat as he has another adventure.

In this issue we are treated to two stories, The Mouse Who Wanted to be a Cat and The Mouse Who Wanted to be a Dog. Also in this issue we are treated to a Garfield’s Pet Force tale. The two main stories obviously tie in together as we follow a little house mouse with identity issues. Luckily the house he happens to be in while having this dilemma is Garfield’s, so in no time our resident lazy cat is offering his special kind of

help. The Pet Force tale gives us an wonderfully exaggerated superhero story about a little old lady turning into a Hulk-like alien bent on world domination. With a cast of characters who have names like Garzooka, Odious and Abnermal (superhero bodies with the heads of Garfield, Odie and Nermal) you just have to enjoy superhero parody.

The Garfield comic is of course designed to be simple enough for a child to enjoy. However, at the same time it has enough of the classic Garfield attitude and innocent humor that we adults enjoyed way back when and still enjoy today. Writer Mark Evanier is able to find that middle ground between kids and kids-at-heart and makes it easy for all enjoy. The art of Mike DeCarlo, Gary Barker and Dan Davis help to bring the story together. The art is reminiscent of the late 80′s to early 90′s cartoon series Garfield and Friends.

Jim Davis’ legacy seems to be in good hands as we are treated to new tales from our favorite feline. Make sure to pick up Garfield issue #5 this Wednesday September 5th.


Preview: Garfield #1

Garfield #1 from Kaboom, Original appearance cover

Kaboom Studios is on a nostalgia roll, bringing back the cartoon strips of my youth, turning them into full comic form.  Three months ago, they premiered Peanuts #1, and tomorrow they will be releasing Garfield #1.

Created by Jim Davis in 1978, Garfield has become a cottage industry of sorts.  While no longer written exclusively by Davis, the strip still appears in newspapers today and has been collected into well over 20 books in the last 34 years.  The snarky feline has also appeared in television specials and not one, but two feature films.

The comic offering from Kaboom pays tribute to old-school Garfield with one alternate cover choice for issue #1 depicting Garfield as he first appeared, far more fat and hostile looking, in 1978.  This cover (seen right) will cost readers $19.99, with two other alternate covers being offered for $3.99

I plowed through the Garfield collections as a kid, and even once or twice when home from college, feeling that first ache of nostalgia that comes with leaving home.  Many of those collections from the first decade of Garfield’s life still stand up.  They are clever, sometimes politically incorrect, and charming.

I can’t say that fans should expect the same from this latest offering, as the jokes from writer Mary Evanier and artist Gary Baker struck me as so mundane they were painful.  Unlike the newspaper strip, however, this comic is clearly intended for kids and kids only – it is unlikely their parents will find much to laugh at in it.  However, it does include cute animal characters making the kinds of jokes some young (very young) children might enjoy.

Cover A, Garfield #1


Garfield #1, Cover B



Hide the Lasagna – Here Comes Garfield!

Garfield 1 (Cover)

Garfield 1 (Cover Image)

Slap a lock on the fridge and hide the lasagna — Garfield is coming to a comic book store near you. KaBOOM!, BOOM! Studios all-ages imprint has officially announced their joint venture with PAWS, Inc. to release an all-new, ongoing comic book series featuring America’s favorite orange and black, lasagna eating, owner-baiting and dog-taunting cat.

The premiere release was written by Mark Evanier, who wrote or co-wrote many of the episodes from the seven seasons of the Garfield and Friends cartoon show, which was one of the longest-running cartoon shows on Saturday morning television. Gary Barker, an artist for the Garfield comic strip is illustrating the comic book release. According to BOOM! Studios founder and Chief Executive Offers Ross Richie, Davis hand-picked both Evanier and Barker for the project, “We are incredibly honored to work with this character and this creative team.”

“We can’t wait to tell new Garfield stories,” BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief, Matt Gagnon says, “We have two awesome creators who have had their hand in the Garfield world for a very long time. We couldn’t ask for better creators to work with….”

Created in 1978 by cartoonist Jim Davis, Garfield has been an enduring feature of comics pages around the world. Appearing originally in 41 newspapers, Garfield is currently one of the most widely syndicated comic strips, now appearing in 2400 newspapers. The overwhelming success of the strip led to the creation of the animated TV show, Garfield and Friends, which ran on CBS from 1988 to 1995. The Garfield Show debuted in 2009 on the Cartoon Network, now airing in 135 countries.

Davis is happy to finally see his creation come to comic book stores as an ongoing series. “We’re excited to be working with BOOM! Studios to bring fans the first comic book with Cattitude,” Davis said.

Garfield is 24 pages of lasagna stealing, Odie tormenting, Monday hating fun. For more information check out BOOM! Studios.