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Top 10 Ladies of Nerdom

Face it guys, we would love to be coupled with nerdy female versions of ourselves.  Since the Frankenstein/Weird Science approach can often yield unexpected and frightening consequences, we’re stuck trying to find a compatible mate from the pool of available and mostly living females out there.

Every nerd has his crush…that seemingly perfect girl who fills the role.  We’ve seen them in movies and on TV and have become enamored by them.  Girls interested in video games and comic books use to be nothing more than a myth.  In today’s culture where being a nerd is hip, girls make up a large percentage of the nerd population.

But there are still a few who stand out for their extreme nerd-isms, extraordinary hotness or the ability to stand toe to toe with the most skilled video gamers.  So we went clandestinely around to get some opinions on who should make up a list of the top 10.  After much debate and various objects thrown at us by the female contingent of Word of the Nerd here it is…submitted for your nerdy approval.


Adrianne Curry   10.  Adrianne Curry – Who knew that this America’s Top Model winner would actually be a kindred spirit to us nerds.  Not only is she a renowned World of Warcraft and other video games player, she is a staple on the convention scene for her sexy cosplay of various sci-fi and comic book characters.  Add to the fact she’s smoking hot and you can understand why Adrianne has a spot on our list.




Katie Sackhoff  9.  Katie Sackhoff – When it was announced that the character of Starbuck in the remake of Battlestar Galactica would be a woman, there was a lot of backlash from the nerd community.  Then we got to see Katie on TV weekly as the brash, hot-headed and equally bad-ass Kara “Starbuck” Thrace, cigar smoking, ace Viper pilot.  We were in love immediately.





Natalie Portman  8.  Natalie Portman – She started her acting career at an early age, but even then people knew she would be a star.  She was Luke Skywalker’s mom in the Star Wars prequel trilogy and the love of the God of Thunder in Thor.  Natalie is no stranger to sci-fi and her classic beauty and elegance sets her among the elite of the Ladies of Nerdom.





Kaley Cuoco  7.  Kaley Cuoco – She may not understand the Theory of Relativity or know how to play Klingon Boggle, but her beauty and style make her the object of many a nerd’s dreams.  As Penny on The Big Bang Theory, Kaley instantly won a spot on our top 10 list.  She can sing Soft Kitty to us any day.





Karen Gillan  6.  Karen Gillan – The companion that every nerd would die to have.  Doctor Who‘s Amy Pond is definitely on the top-tier of companions in the long running British sci-fi series.  Karen is simply adorable and one of just a few redheads on our list.  We’d want her at our side as we traveled through time and space.





Olivia Wilde  5.  Olivia Wilde – She has survived working with Dr. House, saved the Earth from invading aliens in Cowboys and Aliens and lived life in exile on “the grid” in Tron: Legacy.  No matter what she’s doing, Olivia looks awesome doing it.  We certainly wouldn’t mind being De-rezed by her.





Emma Stone  4.  Emma Stone – Zombie killer and girlfriend of Spider-Man, what more could a nerd ask for in a woman?  She knows here way around a shotgun and can cut through the hordes of the walking dead in Zombieland and play a damsel in distress praying Peter Parker shows up in time to save her in The Amazing Spider-Man.  She is the nerd chick you’d love to take to home to meet mom.





Anne Hathaway  3.  Anne Hathaway – Not since Michelle Pfeiffer has anyone looked so good and kick ass as Catwoman than Anne Hathaway.  Although her roles in nerdy films are somewhat limited, she took to the role of Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises like she was born to it.  Looks, body, brains and a bad-ass attitude brings Anne just two spots away from number one on our list.





Mila Kunis  2.  Mila Kunis – Most of us know her as the voice of Meg Griffin on Family Guy, but for those who have seen her in movies like The Book of Eli, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Black Swan, we know she is more than just a pretty face.  Recently voted Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire magazine, she’s got nerd cred to spare and just misses out on the number one spot on our list.





Scarlett Johansson  1.  Scarlett Johansson – The number one spot on our list can only go to Scarlett Johansson.  As Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow, she has babysat Tony Stark, taken on the Hulk, help defeat an army of invading aliens and outsmarted the God of Mischief, Loki.  And she’s far from finished as Black Widow now that Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier and The Avengers 2 are both gearing up for production.  Let a bully try to take our lunch money and I am sure Scarlett would have something to say about it.



So there you have it…the top 10 Ladies of Nerdom as complied by yours truly and Word of the Nerd.  There were a lot of factors that were weighed for the ten spots and it was extremely difficult to keep the list at just ten.  We do have to mention that there are two honorable mentions due to their extensive nerd cred and past accomplishments, not to mention hotness.



Summer Glau  Summer Glau – The dangerously unstable yet vulnerable River Tam on Firefly and the Terminator with the heart of gold from The Sarah Conner Chronicles.  Summer has solidified her place as one of the most desired women in nerdom.  Now if she can only star in a series that can last more than one season.  As much as we love her, she seems to be the kiss of death to genre shows.  But we still love you Summer.

Felicia Day  Felicia Day – Every gamers dream girl.  Cute, smart and can frag your ass faster than a click of a mouse.  Felicia has a lot to be proud of.  She’s done time on several popular shows as well as successfully seeing her own ventures through.  As star of the popular web-series The Guild, Felicia has been instrumental in giving the geek-girl gamer a voice.  She’s wildly popular on the convention scene and has earned our honorable mention.



Who Should Be the New Wonder Woman?

In case you didn’t know, the Wonder Woman reboot that got tanked last month is now on again.  NBC ordered a pilot for the series that will be written by David E. Kelley.  The latest rumor floating around the interwebs is that the pilot might be directed by McG.  Other rumors have been circling the series since it was announced several months ago.  Studios passed on the series because of the plot and Kelley’s unusual take on the character as a corporate executive who moonlights as a vigilante.  That’s just not going to work guys.

There is a great post over at Wired that lists 10 Mandates for a Kick-Ass Wonder Woman TV Show.  It pretty much sums up my hopes for the series.  To make it another version of Smallville is also a terrible idea.  I am tired of seeing superheroes as teenagers before they become the heroes we all know and love.  I stopped watching Smallville for that very reason.  But my interest is centered mainly on WHO will be Wonder Woman.

Several actresses have thrown their hat into the ring for the part, some more suited than others.  Lynda Carter set a standard for the role back in the 70s, but that’s not the Wonder Woman fans really want.  She has to be tough, really tough, least you forget that she’s an amazon warrior with strength on par with Superman.  She also has to be a dominating presence, not some meek secretary.  She’s a princess after all, and has led armies into battle.  There can be no doubt that in the presence of mere men, she is in charge, period, end of discussion.

In many incarnations, she does little to hide her “secret identity” from the world.  She’s Diana of Themyscira and if you have a problem with that, she’ll kick your ass and solve it for you.  Being one of the big three in the Justice League, she can handle herself in nearly every situation.  If you need help and expect Superman to show up and get Wonder Woman instead, you know she’ll take care of the problem.  No villain has ever said, “Oh, it’s only Wonder Woman, this will be child’s play”.  They see her crash into the room and they shit their pants because an ass kicking is about to commence.  This new Wonder Woman should incorporate all of that but still remembering that she’s a woman, not a man in a woman’s body.  The big thing also is to get rid of the invisible jet idea, Wonder Woman can fly.  Why does she need a jet and why does it have to be invisible?

Here is a list of actresses being considered and then a list of actresses I think should be considered.

Lake Bell – Definitely hot, but looks a little too skinny and doesn’t quite have the look.

Jennifer Love-Hewitt – Absolutely not, bad idea.

Eliza Dushku – Has got the bad-ass factor taken care of.

Tanit Phoenix – Certainly has the hair for it, but too skinny.

Christina Hendricks – Love her, love her to death, but not a good choice.

Beyonce Knowles – Not a terrible idea, but if she wants to sing the deal is off.






Actresses who should be considered:

Katie Sackhoff – Just look at her, she’ll kick your ass man.

Michelle Ryan – Did a great job as the Bionic Woman.

Minka Kelly – Got the hotness wrapped up.  Toughen her up a little and she’d be perfect.

Erica Durance – Sultry looks with a bad ass attitude…check!